Gustavo Coleoni takes charge at Ferro

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Gustavo Coleoni is the new Ferro Carril Oeste manager

After the ending of the Duró interim, and long talks with managers such as Caruso Lombardi, Coleoni will take charge in Caballito.

In a meagre campaign after last year’s bid to promotion, Ferro has finally secured a steady candidate for the upcoming 2016-2017 season: Gustavo Coleoni.

Coleoni, who was in contract with Ramón Santamarina (Tandil) has left his position with no replacement at hand.
He has finished the Nacional B tournament having left Santamarina in a mid-table to bottom position (14th, one position above his new team) yet with a good cushion in the Promedios table (seventh position).

He has managed teams such as Racing de Córdoba (Argentino A), Gimnasia de Mendoza (Argentino A), Juventud Antoniana (Argentino A), Juventud Unida Universitario (Nacional B), Central Norte (Argentino A), Talleres de Córdoba (then in the Argentino A tournament), Santamarina (back then in the Argentino A tournament), Central Norte (Argentino A), Guillermo Brown (Pto. Madryn, Argentino A), and Sportivo Patria (Federal A).

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