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Juan Carlos Menseguez signs for Juventud Unida Gualeguaychú

El Rayo, as he had been dubbed, has signed for Nacional B’s Juventud in Entre Ríos.

Menseguez, now 31 years old, has played for some of the Primera División teams such as River Plate and San Lorenzo, and while it is noteworthy for him to sign a humble team such as Juventud Unida, it is unsurprising as well- troubled by injury, Menseguez’s career has trickled down from its former fame. A sign of this, Menseguez had only played 8 games this last season with Mar del Plata’s Aldosivi, scoring no goals.

Juan Carlos Menseguez had emerged from the River Plate youth teams but having its debut in Germany’s Wolfsburg (along with superstar Andrés D’Alessandro) while being noted for his pace as a winger. He has also played for San Lorenzo de Almagro (Primera División), West Bromwich Albion (United Kingdom), River Plate (Primera División), Argentinos Juniors (Primera División) and Aldosivi (Primera División). Juventud Unida is Menseguez’s first venture into a second division club.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Juventud Unida Gualeguaychú

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