Martin Morel signs for Fenix (Martin Morel firma para Fénix)

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Martín Morel signs for Fénix

The 35 year old comes out of the hiatus to play for a reformed Fenix squad.

The last signing for Fenix’s transfer window wasn’t short of shocking as Martín Morel, nowadays 35 years old, has signed for Pilar side Fénix, a team currently playing in Barracas Centrals’ field in a diaspora that has seen Fenix out of Pilar for at least the last two years.

Morel, better known for his stint at Tigre (gaining one promotion) has played for Newell’s Old Boys (Primera División), Atlético Sanford (Argentino B), Atlético Chabás (Argentino B), Sportivo Las Parejas (Argentino B), Tigre (Nacional B at the time), Deportivo Cali (Colombia), Universitario (Perú), All Boys (Primera División), Atlético Tucumán (Nacional B) and Deportivo Cúcuta (Colombia) up until 2015. He has two local titles won (with Tigre, gaining promotion to Primera División in 2007, and the Copa Colombia with Deportivo Cali in 2010). He has also won a continental title with Universitario, the Copa Crema (“Cream Cup”), in 2011.

The big concern in this case shall be to know in which condition the player is with at least six months of inactivity and having skipped the preseason training, with 35 years and a significative amount of injuries in his legs in the past few years.

Featured photo courtesy of Prensa Club Atlético Fénix

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