The Back Four is a new website founded in 2014 by Gustavo Malamud, in Argentina, in an agnostical fashion to speak all things football, specifically regarding the Argentinian Ascenso categories, but most of all Primera B Metropolitana, the third division in Argentinian football alongside Argentino A. What’s the difference between them? Argentino A is a federal tournament, whereas Primera B only contains teams from Ciudad de Buenos Aires and teams around it.

Is this a blog or a news site?

A bit of both, sadly. We do not fancy ourselves impartial journalists like some. Nevertheless we try to stop ourselves from being abusively one- sided. Like all sports websites, there’s a view, and it can be equally hailed or criticised by people. We stand by our views, with argument, and try to produce interesting, informative and amusing content.

Why in english if you’re an Argentinian living in Argentina? What’s the angle?

There are two particular reasons for this:

1- There are some pretty interesting websites, podcasts, media overall regarding Primera Division football in Argentina in english (for an example, Hand of Pod). They are to our consideration a very interesting way of doing journalism that should be watched. Yet, most of these sites, programs or other do not cover the ‘lesser’ categories of Argentinian football- the old and endeared ascenso. Yet these unwatched categories feed- and fed- Argentina’s Primera Division, Seleccion Nacional and european football with decades’ worth of players, anecdotes, interesting views on the game, and the true passion based nature of Football in this country.  In essence, a mile’s worth of football yet not covered in this language and at this country, that are worth being looked at as the true breed of the game around these parts.

2- It’s always an interesting exercise in writing in English for argentinians, rather than foreigners, to give further understanding of what really goes on in the game from the point of view of an insider, not in a condescending sort of way, but in an informative, curious-if-you-will manner of looking at things, expressed by Argentinian pens looking at their own game for a change.

Want to collaborate, leave a suggestion or an opinion?

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